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What is a Denture?

Conventionally, a denture replaces your teeth after they have been removed for any number of reasons.

The denture may replace all of your missing teeth or only one depending on your individual needs.

The upper denture uses the roof of the mouth for support, while the lower denture is supported by the lower jaw and gum tissue with room for your tongue to move naturally, while supporting your lips and cheeks.

The teeth themselves are usually porcelain or plastic, or a combination of the two

It’s important to note that over time, dentures will need to be replaced or relined to
ensure the jaw remains in its natural alignment, so regular dental visits are still vital
for the denture wearer.

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Types of Dentures

  • Immediate Dentures are fabricated in advance and then inserted at the time that the teeth are removed, allowing the soft and hard tissues to heal beneath the appliance. This is typically a six to twelve month process with the dentures serving as protection for the gums below, and providing the ability to eat and chew. It allows you to never have to be without teeth during the entire process.
  • Implant Dentures are designed for those individuals who feel uncomfortable with the dentures moving or floating over the gums when they become loose. This is most common with the lower denture or after significant loss of bone in the jaws. Implants provide firm attachment points for the denture, while still remaining removable for easy cleaning and adjustment.
  • Partial Dentures are perfect for those who have retained most of their teeth but have some gaps that need to be filled in. They may also be used as a temporary measure until a more permanent dental solution is appropriate, such as during healing from a tooth extraction in preparation for implant placement. Partial dentures may be made from all plastic material or a combination of metal and plastic.
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